Karin Olofsson is a witty, lively and intriguing visual artist from Sweden. Her artworks are a distinctive combination of reality and fantasy that appeal to a broad audience and are fun for all ages. Karin’s canvas is composed of her original self-created mixed media, often combining her photographs, embroidery, paintings and prints.

Karin found her love for creativity in her grandparents’ house in the majestic Swedish countryside. Her grandmother was an inspiring multi skilled artist with great charm and charisma. Karin describes her grandparents’ house as “A place taken from a Pippi Longstocking story. Filled to the brim with threads, colours, fabrics, beads, paintbrushes and many nooks and crannies to inspire passion and imagination. A place full of love, laughter and encouragement”. A great starting point for her artist career.

During Karin’s earlier years she trained and worked as a make-up artist and hairdresser. As many of Karin’s artworks feature portraits of people, these skills became an integral part of her art to captivate features of a person’s face when making a portrait come to life. Karin has always been fascinated by faces and people.

Karin has a way of producing an art piece that inspires emotions on many levels depending on the mood of the observer.

In her creations, Karin transforms people from different worlds and walks of life into her own interpretations and thereby re-creating them into a new reality. Behind all Karin’s original pieces lays a story, she explains “In my art, I like to transform the reality into something new. I like to awaken the idea in the viewer’s mind - what if things were different. The artistic creation is a terrific way to portrait comedy, tragedy, beauty and joy”.

Karin’s creativity is triggered by a photograph or image she has taken, her needle and thread then becomes her paintbrush and the inspiration flows naturally to the piece. The detailed embroidery is recurring in all her artworks. It’s through the embroidery that Karin’s art really takes its form into its expression. She often uses recycled products such as old postcards and anchovy tins as features in her works.

Karin Olofsson lives and works in Västerås, Sweden.

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